A Healthy Mouth for a Healthy Body

Maintenance of your gums and bone are crucial to the longevity of your teeth and to the health of the oral cavity. It has been shown that the same pathogenic bacteria that cause periodontal disease are also related to cardiovascular disease, diabetes and multiple other systemic conditions. As such it is important to be aware of how oral health can affect overall health and impact progressive disease prevention.

How our Preventative Hygiene Sessions work

Our dentists and hygienists will evaluate your gums and bone for health. Any inflammation and bleeding is a sign of the presence of harmful bacteria that not only cause periodontal disease but can travel through the bloodstream to other parts of the body and cause damage.

As part of our commitment to a high standard of care in our hygiene program we offer salivary screenings to determine exactly what types of bacteria are present in your mouth. Based on our overall findings we will make treatment recommendations to not only clean your teeth, but also control the biofilm inside the oral cavity to keep you healthy. It has been shown that in order to control the pathogens in the mouth we need routine biomechanical disruption of the bacteria and in some cases antibacterial rinses as well. For more severe cases surgical intervention is also required.

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