Wisdom teeth are the third molars located at the back your mouth.

They are the last teeth to appear and their development is typically completed in the later teenage years to the early twenties. These molars have been coined "Wisdom teeth" because of their later development, a time in which a person matures into adulthood and attains wisdom.

Do you need your wisdom teeth removed?

As part of your new patient examination we will evaluate the existence and position of your wisdom teeth to determine if you are risk for potential future problems. Early evaluation and properly timed treatment has been shown to result in less complications, a faster healing process and better overall outcome.

Why should you have your wisdom teeth removed

If there is not enough room in your mouth and jaws for the wisdom teeth to fully erupt and allow for proper cleaning around them, they can cause a number of problems.

Crowding of your teeth may be associated with wisdom teeth. While this issue is multi-factorial, retained and impacted wisdom teeth can be a contributing factor.

Partially erupted wisdom teeth will often develop a localized infection called Pericoronitis. The gum tissues around these wisdom teeth trap a lot of food and bacteria which causes inflammation, swelling, pain and infection.

Wisdom teeth that aren’t erupting straight can be angled and push on the second molars which may cause damage. The inability to clean around this area can also lead to decay and bone loss.

Wisdom teeth can develop tumors or cysts. While these conditions are uncommon wisdom teeth that are not removed need to be monitored.

For any further questions please contact our office to schedule a consultation where we will be happy to discuss your unique situation in more detail.

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